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Bruce and Napolitano in Gulfport, MS

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Hidden Sun Farm is a small private farm with first-class facilities.  You receive top quality care and training for your horses, and  instruction at its very best for you without the hustle and headache of a large boarding barn. 
 Owner and trainer, Bruce David Ginsberg, is dedicated to the advancement of both horse and rider, the whole while remembering why we do this - because it is fun.  Riders are instructed to help reach their individual goals and making it safe and fun in the mean time. 
Our belief is that horses have to want to win and in order to insure that, you as the rider and trainer have to make training and showing fun for them.
Owners, Bruce, his wife Melissa, and his mother-in-law Kitty Earle thank you for visiting our website and invite to call and make an appointment to come and visit our farm.


Hidden Sun Farm    Shamong, NJ
(609) 268-4955
(609) 410-6948